• Van Mell Combi Cleaner Motorrad Bike Pflege


    Someone once asked how many combinations our Combi Cleaner could be used for. For nine, we replied. And these are: For bikes and bikers. For biking jackets and machines. For smooth leathers and textiles. For insects and bird droppings. For radiant freshness and gleaming colour. For 100% biodegradable and 0% chemicals. For taking good care of material and saving contents. For the road and for the eye. For just like new and for "wow, brilliant!" For ...." really incredible. You can't get cleaner than that."

    Isn't that great?
    We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use.

    How to combine correctly:
    Apply generously to the dirty areas, leave Van Mell Combi Cleaner for a short time to take effect, brush firmly in the case of textiles and, if required, use a small amount of water to remove any residue.

  • Van Mell Bike Shampoo Motorrad Bike Pflege


    Van Mell Bike Shampoo will take you back to your early childhood. When you were little, and started crying when shampoo got into your eyes. So let's get started. Just take a look It's shining again like new. And the elegant matt parts of the bodywork are still elegantly matt. And now take a look at yourself. Wow, you're eyes are moist and reflect that kind of excitement you haven't felt since you were a child. We told you so! But this time, they're tears of joy, not (or not directly!) from the shampoo. Because this awesome shampoo has surpassed all expectations - your bike now looks out of this world.

    Isn't that great?
    We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use.

    Lots of dirt? Use a generous amount of Van Mell Bike Shampoo on the bike, leave it for a while to take effect, then wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth and rinse well with plenty of water.

    Just a little dirt? The procedure is the same, but all you need is 100 ml Van Mell Bike Shampoo per 10 litres of water. That will be plenty. 

    Irritating insects spoiling the shine? Totally stubborn insects should be pretreated with Van Mell Insect Remover.


  • Van Mell Paintwork Finish Motorrad Bike Pflege


    Why does lotus blossom always look so beautifully clean? No idea - we'll have to Google that later. But what we do know is how your bike can always look beautifully clean: it feels and sounds so good that you fall in love, buy Van Mell Paintwork Finish which seals all surfaces so beautifully gently and smoothly that dirt, dust, scratches and holograms no longer have a chance. Irrespective of whether it's paintwork, a synthetic material, polycarbonate or rubber. When raindrops fall on it, they look like lovely pearls. That is what we call - can you give it a guess? The lotus effect.

    Are you impressed? We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use.

    A good polish - no  messing around:
    Your bike is clean? Good. Then finish the job off properly: Apply Van Mell Paintwork Finish, distribute it evenly and polish with a dry cloth - until you achieve a superb shine. Van Mell Fleece Cloths (Vlies-Tücher) are great for that. Really.

    Clean well beforehand, to get a fantastic result afterwards. For absolutely optimum results, use Van Mell Bike Shampoo.

    Do not apply to seats, hand grips and footbars! You're not out for a good slide!


  • Van Mell Leather Foam Motorrad Bike Pflege


    Let's chat about smoothness and suppleness No, we don't mean the scorpion pose handstand we've masterfully accompl.... ehm, avoided in the yoga class,. We are talking about supple smooth leather with an attractive leather-honey whiff, which goes right into those curves - with you and your bike. Van Mell Leather Foam protects, cares for and impregnates all smooth leathers. With an absolutely spot-on accurate spray for elastic seams. And no drying time required. And so supple that actually, it should also have a yoga position named after it.

    How to apply:
    Spray Van Mell Leather Foam sparingly, with vertical hand movement, on seams, distribute using a soft cloth and polish to remove any residue. Only use in places where there is a good supply of fresh air

    For an even more smooth and supple effect, apply Van Mell Combi Cleaner prior to using Van Mell Leather Foam.

  • Van Mell Visor Protect Motorrad Bike Pflege


    Unless you look after your visor properly, your vision will be marred by all the mess it attracts. And all that mess means a big impediment to that feeling of freedom. But that's not what you want out there on the highway... So make sure you use Van Mell Visor Protect. It seals the helmet, goggles as well as the windscreen - and also repels rain, dirt, dust and insects. For all synthetic materials and polycarbonates. Protects against scratches and repairs micro-cracks - so you won't be blinded by diffused light. That's just what you want.

    Isn't that great?
    We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use.

    A good job is worth doing properly. You should do it like this:
    Don't use a microfibre cloth. Certainly not! Take Van Mell Visor Protect, spray it over the required area and polish with a soft, dry cloth to acquire a fantastic finish.

    For optimum results clean the surface beforehand using Van Mell Visor Cleaner.


  • Van Mell Visor Cleaner Motorrad Bike Pflege


    Perhaps the most important product of all. Because, when you have cared for your bike with Van Mell, you want to look through a completely clear visor - without anything at all obstructing the vision between you and your shiny, super looking bike. No streaks, no bluebottles, no dirt. Van Mell Visor Cleaner will give you clear vision in a flash. Without any solvents or oily residues - and on any surface. On a purely mineral basis, it solves the problem of insects without creating one for allergy sufferers. With clear vision, the road ahead also looks better. But - at the next red traffic lights - take a look at what you're riding: shiny super looking.

    Isn't that great?
    We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use.

    Let's be clear here:
    Apply generously to the dirty areas, leave the Van Mell Visor Cleaner for a short time to take effect and wipe off any residue with a fleece cloth or sponge. Rinse off with water, dry - and ready to go.

    Subsequently seal with Van Mell Visor Protect if you want to keep that clear view for longer.


  • Van Mell Hand Protection Foam Motorrad Bike Pflege


    Why do you think our hands are always so warm and well-cared for? Because we're always testing this Van Mell Hand Protection Foam to see if the contents of one bottle really is enough for 1000 treatments, as is claimed here. In my case I actually managed 1021 treatments - but then my hands are kind of medium-size. At any rate: it provides super protection when tampering with your bike - fantastic in the case of contact with oil, grease, lubricants because it has a repellent effect. Dermatologists and allergy sufferers find it good, too. And you always have a good grip. Because it's not greasy. Which is what makes it especially nice.

    Isn't that great? We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use. And shake it really well.

    To create a proper frothy foam:
    Clean, dry hands? Then simply spray a walnut-sized knob of Van Mell Hand Protection Foam onto your hands and rub it in.


  • Van Mell Insect Remover Motorrad Bike Pflege


    A jam jar and paper are what you need to remove living insects. But for dead ones on your bike, you need Van Mell Insect Remover. Indeed this product removes the insect corpses (even the really stubborn ones) faster than even a bee with 8000 eyes can see. Reliably, and with a deep penetrating effect. Completely free of industrial alcohol, solvents or acids. Nevertheless gentle on glass, paintwork, synthetic materials, rubber and chrome - although it is even strong enough to remove damaging bird droppings. And thanks to the mineral substances, you will easily be able to pick up more Karma points to make up for the ones you lost for squashing all those flies.

    Isn't that great?
    We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use. And never use the Insect Remover in direct sunlight or on hot paintwork.

    Bye-bye, vampires!
    Flies etc. are removed by spraying the product generously over the affected area, leaving it for a short time to take effect and then washing it off thoroughly with lots of water.

    To remove drops of resin, simply dampen a kitchen towel with insect remover, position it over the resin and, after 15 minutes, give it a good hard rub to remove.


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